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Endurance in practice

Endurance in practice

N.B. This draft is four years old. FOUR. I’m both appalled that time has vanished, and kind of proud that these sentiments still hold true. I’m going to post it below, unedited and unfinished, as a time capsule unaffected by my experiences since – which are hopefully the subject of a future post. Endurance is […]

Do what you do do well (& an update)

I’d been hoping to post a few more things lately – I have a couple of draughts languishing, actually – but I don’t seem to be recovering from my little bout of ‘flu as well as I’d like, and I also need to dedicate a bit of time to some Work (after all, folks, it’s […]

Love, purpose, and finding one’s Calling

— This post was very slow to emerge, having had to struggle forth from a slight touch of flu, my guy suffering a spider bite (my mother told him he shouldn’t bite spiders; they’re not good for you), and the long weekend (kids: 5 days off school, yay…).  But now, following an EPIC 80s POP/HAIR […]