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On genius and inspiration

I wish everyone would watch this. Creativity and inspiration can be a maddening gift, and one of the costs of rational humanism (*patooey!*) is the shouldering of painful responsibility for something that isn’t always entirely our own burden. As mentioned in the video, we need to accept that it’s often less a case of “being […]


The Man In the Arena

The Man In the Arena by Theodore Roosevelt(From a speech delivered in Paris in 1910) It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; […]

Rainbow flying high

Up above the streets and houses, Rainbow climbing high, Everyone can see it smiling over the sky… Paint the whole world with a Rainbow! (1) Generally I think Nationalism is a silly, outdated, self-justifying remnant of the colonial era, but once in a while I am very glad to be born and raised in the […]

Love & Anxiety

— I probably shouldn’t be posting right now, as I am bio-chemically impaired and not quite the full quid.  Hyperglycaemia Powers are GO!!!  Insulin has been deployed, and should make contact in T-10…  Self-censoring and Sense-making Filters are not at optimum capacity.  Sorry about the foul language.  Don’t forget to tip your waitress, and remember […]

Keeping Up Appearances

Originally posted on Of Axe and Plough:
This post was not on my list of possible blog topics.  But I found that I wanted to touch on something that has reared up, something that’s apparently bugging me.  Recently, New York City Councilman Dan Halloran was arrested for attempting to facilitate the rigging of the mayoral…

Do what you do do well (& an update)

I’d been hoping to post a few more things lately – I have a couple of draughts languishing, actually – but I don’t seem to be recovering from my little bout of ‘flu as well as I’d like, and I also need to dedicate a bit of time to some Work (after all, folks, it’s […]