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Pricing vs. Worth

I’m somewhat stuck right now, on the difference between pricing something according to “what the market expects/will bear”, and charging what I believe it’s worth. On the one hand, there is a tendency among crafters and spiritworkers to undervalue their work – society as a whole doesn’t put a high price on cottage industry, spiritual […]


I was supposed to have been finishing a draught on practicing the Virtue of Endurance, but I have been utterly sidetracked by, well…  being right royally hacked off.  So – pardon me for a moment, whilst I segue into a small rant on integrity, self-honesty, and discipline. (I have to apologise, first, for the fact […]

The Bell Jar of Misery

The Bell Jar of Misery – it sounds like a Victorian gothic novella.  But it’s not; it’s my home. Like most animistic pagans, I had plenty of theoretical knowledge of such things as elementals, genius locii, house spirits, psychic and energetic contaminations, etc. etc. as well as having a good dollop of experiential knowledge, too.  […]

I have to wonder, what is the point of being pagan for many of these “keyboard warriors”? Certainly they can’t feel like they are truly honouring their Gods with this oneupmanship… When self-aggrandisement and “winning” are the point of one’s paganism, there’s not much room left for growth or service. 😦

Newbies: or, Why We Sometimes DO Need To Send The Sheriff Into Dodge

— This is what happens when I wake at 3am and can’t get back to sleep for the thoughts buzzing in my head.  — There’s apparently been a bit of recoil around the Interwebs, against parts of Del’s post over at Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars – I’m looking here at the part that goes […]

Far from the madding (pagan) crowd

— spurred by Del’s post, “We Can Learn A Lot From Things That Annoy Us: Or What I Figured Out About The Proliferation Of Loki’s Wives Online“ – please, read it! — I spent seven or eight years knowing only two other people who had any kind of hands-on Deity experiences.  This was in the […]

The double-edged sword of Privilege

— Fair warning: this post got long.  And a bit dry.  And terribly multi-syllabic.  You have been warned. :p — There has, following Pantheacon’s recent informal panel on “Privilege within Paganism”, been a slight increase in blog posts appearing on the nature of privilege, both within pagandom and without.  Coming from a very different socio-political/cultural […]