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Endurance in practice

Endurance in practice

N.B. This draft is four years old. FOUR. I’m both appalled that time has vanished, and kind of proud that these sentiments still hold true. I’m going to post it below, unedited and unfinished, as a time capsule unaffected by my experiences since – which are hopefully the subject of a future post. Endurance is […]


Whoops. Turns out that entheogenic work is not always the best way to cross the Divine Divide in hope of working through an enforced God-silence during a “pull you apart and put you back together again” phase. ‘Cause DAMN that hurt. :p Take it from your Aunt Lusi, boys and girls and peoples, timing is […]

Pricing vs. Worth

I’m somewhat stuck right now, on the difference between pricing something according to “what the market expects/will bear”, and charging what I believe it’s worth. On the one hand, there is a tendency among crafters and spiritworkers to undervalue their work – society as a whole doesn’t put a high price on cottage industry, spiritual […]

Back down the rabbit hole

It’s hard to write blog posts right now. I keep meaning to, but life’s a little twisty right now. “That Feeling” is back, the one where my vision gets kind of flat-but-tunnelled, and sparkly-black like I’m looking through a very thin sheet of obsidian; “Hollow-vision”, I’ve come to call it. Spirit Stuff is afoot, and […]

Polytheist Meme #2

2. What does your tradition do to increase the power and flow of blessings? I have to preface, of course, by saying that when I say “my tradition” I mean mine personally. I may have a lot in common at times with people who self-identify as Northern Tradition Pagan, or Heathen, or Devotional Polytheist, or […]

Sum(mat) up

Lemme ‘splain. No, there is too much. Lemme sum up. Last year, I was living in an environment that was, shall we say, less than healthful. You can read about that here. A day or two back, I made a post about the wobbles and panics of having to change direction or focus in faith […]

Defining the Work

Originally posted on MystikNomad:
My last post was pretty well received overall, but I did get some flack. My repetition of “do the Work” seemed harsh and demanding to some people, triggered some defensiveness, and those responses ranged from dismissive of the concept to insulting me personally. I just didn’t get what all the fuss…

All Swings and Roundabouts

Well, it’s all swings and roundabouts really, isn’t it? Either you’re plodding along, feeling slow and pedestrian, as though nothing is quite ringing true, questioning the validity of everything before you and wondering if this time, this time you’ve finally gone from divine inspiration to Silly Sock Puppet Playtime Hour… Or you’re skimming along “DOING […]

Stupid, fat habitses

(with apologies to Gollum and Sam for the title) Yes, that’s right, children – it’s confession time with Aunty Lusi.  Gather round, and I’ll tell you a little story. Once upon a time, I was very good at something.  I’m still good at it – I just choose not to do it, most of the […]

Love, purpose, and finding one’s Calling

— This post was very slow to emerge, having had to struggle forth from a slight touch of flu, my guy suffering a spider bite (my mother told him he shouldn’t bite spiders; they’re not good for you), and the long weekend (kids: 5 days off school, yay…).  But now, following an EPIC 80s POP/HAIR […]